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Honeymoon Dessert is finally in town!

You could probably tell from the title how excited we were about Honeymoon Dessert. This chain dessert store is not new to us, we first tried this in Shanghai a couple of years back and we loved it so much we visited it a couple of times. When we first saw its hoarding going up in Vivocity, boy were we excited! So excited that we visited Vivocity about twice as much just to check if it had opened. This is definitely going to be one of our favourite dessert hunts from now.

Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert - exterior

Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert 2

Ambience: Not quite your usual chinese dessert store’s deco, Honeymoon Dessert’s deco feels a lot more posh and cafe style, not too much of the usual “eat-and-go-cuz-the seats-are-so-uncomfortable” feel to it. I actually feel the ambience is quite nice to chill in the afternoon, slurping up your fave dessert instead of having a coffee. There isn’t  so much of the kind noise and all that you usually get at the usual dessert stores so that is a plus point.

Our Desserts

Thai Black Glutinous Rice in Vanilla Sauce

 Thai Black Glutinous Rice in Vanilla Sauce: Yum! Love this refreshing combination of the black glutinous rice served in vanilla sauce instead of coconut juice that is just way too common. The vanilla sauce gave the whole dessert a feel that we were eating the glutinous rice out of a bowl of melted vanilla ice cream. Sweetness was just right and we absolutely adore that there were actually bits of corn and yam in the glutinous rice. Not your usual dull boring dessert that had to be served in a specific way, how come no one thought of doing that?

Mango Pancake


Durian Pancake

Mango & Durian Pancake: We loved this when we were in Shanghai, we love it all the same now! Still keeping the same good ol’ soft and smooth pancake skin on the outside, and the absolutely great tasting thick cream and fruits on the inside. A warning that this is only for all you cream lovers out there though, it may otherwise be too much cream for most although we absolutely adore it. The mango was sweet and balanced well with the pancake skin and cream.

What more can we say except we will definitely be back! Will do more reviews on the other desserts like the usual mango sago afterwards.

Food CV Score: 6 – Hired with immediate effect
See our Food CV Scoreboard: https://foodcv.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/37/
Reviewed by Clara

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